Monday, May 10, 2010

Assignment 3: Mid-Curriculum Portfolio Comps with Grid Overlays

Comp 1: "Antique" Layout


  1. Hi Dylan:

    Even though I am sitting next to you in the computer lab and have been jealous all morning over your comps, I will still leave a comment here. Both of your designs are nice; however the "Antique" Layout offers both style as well as the functional fulfillment of the purpose as well. It's overall a nice marriage, and I'd go with that one!

    I'd like; however to see within the same color palette that totally awesome logo/design with the DJ that you've been using on your currliculum jump pages.

  2. Hey Dylan, very nice comps. I prefer comp1 over two. but very nicely done.

  3. I very much like layout 1, very nice color scheme, great placements of layout elements. Very indivdual, I like the curved element in the left upper corner, it gives the site an harmonic design element.

  4. Dylan,

    I loved your second design. It is full of content and you did an excellent job at displaying the examples of your work. I also loved your use of color.

  5. Hi Dylan,
    I like the antique design, the navigation is easy to follow, and the colors are bold. I think the second design looks like a regular web page instead of a portfolio page.

  6. I like the second comp, I don't know what it is with black and yellow but it works. You've displayed the links on the side in a good way with the icons, nice work.